Supporters | ASIA NANO FORUM

Asia Nano Forum (ANF) is a network organization, founded in May 2004 and now a registered society in Singapore, known as Asia Nano Forum Society, since Oct 2007.

ANF mission

To promote responsible development of nanotechnology that educationally, socially, environmentally and economically benefits each economy by fostering international network collaboration.

ANF objectives

1- Foster nanotechnology in the region by creating mechanisms to share information, human and physical resources and expertise

2- Support regional economic and environmetal development through joint projects addressing major regional issues, with an empasis on support of developing and emerging economies

3- Coordinate joint investment in and mutual access to major infrastructure by member economies

4- Promote and coordinate standardization and safety of nanotechnology concepts and measurements

5- Act as an advocacy group for nanotechnology in the region and for adequate regional representation of nanotechnology at global forums

6- Initiate, promote and manage co-operative scientific and technology research projects within the member economies

7- Enhance public awareness and education of nanotechnology and associated social, environmental, health and economic issues